All of the best features

The WYSIWYG Web Builder 9
Template Templify has many
fancy and professional
designed details built right in.
Social media icons, custom
Google Web Fonts, and expert
use of te master frame /
master objects are just a few

Unlimited Colors

Using the new WYSIWYG Web
Builder 9 "replace Property
Values" tool, this theme is
available with unlimited color
variations. Match your logo
color, brand, or the color of
your favorite flower! Any color
you wish, make it yours.

Social Media Icons

Built in social media icons in
the header of each page can
be controlled by the master
frame. Change the effect to
any built in WYSIWYG Web
Builder effect.

Mobile Theme Included!

The WYSIWYG Web Builder 9
Template Templify also
includes a modified and
optimized mobile theme. Built
into a  sub-directory, your
mobile website will integrate
seamlessly with your main
website. Any global changes
you make to the Heading
Styles, Theme Colors, or
jQuery Themes will
automatically cascade down to
the mobile version of your site.

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